Toe-Rific News!

New Name, New Site, Same Stand-up People February 10 2014, 0 Comments

When I started this business as Toe-Food, all the way back in 1984, I just wanted to do something that made my patients and colleagues smile. While we have develop so many new ideas since we produced the Original Chocolate Foot, this is the first time we have really questioned who we want to be for you. That's why I chose to change our name and logo to embrace the fun and joy we share with each other when we give or receive chocolate feet.

I'm so incredibly happy you are walking with us on this journey. Come back here often to see new comments on the blog. Sign up as a site user or for our email list to receive company updates and promotions in your inbox. Be our friend on Facebook, follower on Twitter, and connect with us through any other social network you like to use. Actually, you can do all that on our Toe-Rific Friends page.

One thing we carried over from the old page is our Footnotes Expressions. We just could not part with the foot puns, except on this site, we are going to include your puns as well. All you have to do is tweet them to us (or send them to us by email), and they will go up in a live feed after we review them.

Please, have a look around, consider placing an order, and always


Make it a Toe-Rific day!

Dr. Mark Wolpa (Founder)