You could say we got off on the right foot...


  I started Toe-rific originally as Toe-Food Chocolates while trying to figure out what to send my patients and doctors who referred patients to me. I’m a podiatrist; so, this journey began with a first step, the original life sized chocolate foot.

As it turns out, a lot of other people liked the idea, and we grew steadily through word of mouth, adding new products (step-by-step) and making fun products for non-medical people who wanted a unique and creative gift for friends, family, clients, and business partners. We were even part of the opening of “Footloose” on Broadway, as they ordered 3,000 foot suckers!

We get orders from parents looking to announce the birth of their child, from business people looking to put their best foot forward, as well as fund raisers.   We’re always coming up with new ideas to put a pep in your step; so, we hope you & yours continue to enjoy our products. Thank you  for your support, and I wish you a Toe-rific day!


The Toe-rific story, as told by the founder - Dr. Mark Wolpa