Footnotes Expressions

 Getting your "foot in the door" in the candy business tends to make you a little goofy. We're just happy our customers are just as goofy as we are. This is a live collection of foot puns, and these are bad enough to make our friends tread lightly whenever they mention feet because we're known to use them.

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Hoping to get my FOOT in the door...

Putting our best "foot" forward

Our products are a "step above" the competition

Lets stay one "step" ahead of the competition

Starting this business relationship off on the right "foot"

Let's start the year off on the right "foot"

Stay a "step" ahead with our....

Taking a "step" in the right direction!

I think you will get a KICK out of this!


"Step" Up to raise awareness for ...

Our "feet" do the Buddy Walk !

"Step" up against bullying


We hope you get back on your "feet" soon

Here is hoping you land on both "feet"

This should replace your broken "foot"


We make a great "pair"

I'm "toe-tally" in love with you

Your "toe-rific"!

Thank you for "stepping up" for me

To a "toe-rific" friend!

Thank you for doing all the "foot" work

Thanks for "footing" the bill

Let's jump in with both "feet"

I heard you are "foot" loose and fancy free!

You are "toe-tally" awesome!

Make it a "toe-rific" day!

You are a "step-endous" person!

Here is a small "toe-ken" of my love

I'm head over "heels" for you

Let's meet under the "mistle-toe"


Sorry, I stuck my "foot" in my mouth

I feel like such a "heel"

Sorry, I seem like I have two left "feet"


Let's "toe-st" your accomplishment

Congratulations on your great "feet" !


Take it one "step" at a time

Here is something to keep you from getting cold "feet"


"You are a KICK in the pants!