How To Get Your Foot in the Door

Toe-Rific Chocolates & Candy guarantees that we will get your "foot in the door" with new customers and clients!


At Toe-Rific we believe in building lasting relationships: Our relationship with you and your relationships with your clients. We achieve this by providing delicious and memorable chocolates that stand out from the crowd. Our products make lasting impressions for your customers, partners, and supporters, that they will never forget.  After all, isn't that the goal?

  Take a look at the fun video below for the "best way" to use our products!




If you would like to order some of our products for a special event, trade show, or a unique way to "get your foot in the door",  send us an email or call our toll free number.   Ask us about how we can personalize your order.

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Toe-Rific Testimonials:


       "This is a clever and innovative way to break the customers preoccupation and get the first appointment."

 Brian Tracy Motivational Speaker and Author of Multiple Best Sellers


      "With all the "noise" we all deal with, rarely does something stick out in the consumer's mind. I was delightfully surprised when I received two boxes of yummy chocolate from     Toe-Rific. Not only did the boxes grab my attention, I couldn't wait to open them. I was so impressed with the packaging and quality of the product I couldn't help but share about Toe-Rific with family, friends and clients. This is a very unique approach to "Getting Your Foot in the Door." I can highly recommend Keston Ott-Dahl and Toe-Rific if you're looking for a fun, unique, playful and engaging way to get noticed."

      Kathleen Gage - Author, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer


     "I love a company that gets it. That is exactly what Toe-Rific Chocolates & Candy is!  Great customer service and excellent products are a great combination.  My Top Practices members use the Toe-Rific line of chocolates and candies to build even better relationships with their referral sources  every day of the year because it just works! The team at Toe-Rific is our "sweet" secret weapon.  I recommend them to everyone who wants more patients in their reception rooms."

        Rem Jackson Founder and CEO of Top Practices


" Managing a Podiatry conference and coming up with unique gift ideas for our exhibitors can be challenging.   From the second we found out about Toe-Rific Chocolates & Candy, we were hooked!   Their customer service was absolutely amazing and the gift bags were able to be customized to fit our conference theme and branding.  The chocolates were delicious and a HUGE hit with everyone from our Board of Directors, Staff, and Exhibitors.  Thank you Toe-Rific!"

     Jessica Mauger Midwest Podiatry Conference





If you just need a lot of feet in a hurry, we've got you covered as well.