Buddy Feet symbolize the caring "soles" who step up daily to increase awareness and support for their special cause. 
Each Buddy Feet Baton is filled with  delicious chocolate  buddy feet ,  packaged in a baton like container for you to  "pass it forward" in support  of your special cause.
Down syndrome Awareness:  Try our new DS Buddy feet made especially for DS Awareness. Our new DS Buddy Feet feature a sandal gap between the toes, a common characteristic of people with Down syndrome. they come in a 9" Relay Tube filled with 10 delicious milk chocolate Buddy Feet. 


For every baton sold, Toe-Rific will...  "pass on"...    $4.00 to NDSS or your local DS Buddy Walk chapter!

The cause is near and dear to the companies Director of Operations, Keston Ott-Dahl who is an author/activist and who infamously petitioned Disney Studio's to include characters with Down syndrome in their animated features, creating world wide attention.   "My daughter Delaney Skye has Down syndrome and I want her to know inclusion. If society was aware of what people with Down syndrome are capable of today, there would be a lot less bullying of these kids who are two and three times more likely to be bullied."  With a strong affliction toward anti-bullying and other causes, ToeRifics' philanthropy will not stop with Down syndrome Awareness. 
Over the past 30 years, research into and advancements in the treatment of Down syndrome have more than doubled life expectancy for people with DS, from 25 years to nearly 60 years, according to an update provided by the Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation. These developments have led individuals with DS to live more independent lives.
Did you know, one of the first thing a pediatrician looks for when diagnosing DS in a newborn is their toes? 
In February 2015 Toe-Rific is proud to announce our new product line featuring BUDDY FEET!