PRESS RELEASE - Clinton/Trump Foot In Mouth Award


Contact: Mark Wolpa October 3, 2016 (888) 863-3663

Toe-Rific Foot Candy Announces Trump-Clinton Foot in Mouth Award Berkeley, CA., -

Toe-Rific Chocolates & Candy announces a “Footsie Award” that will be awarded to either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton based on votes from the public.

“We want to use our foot shaped candy as a way to spotlight the many “foot in mouth” statements “that have been “kicked around” during this unique Presidential race.” said Dr. Mark Wolpa, podiatrist and founder of Toe-Rific Chocolates & Candy.

The public is encouraged to send an email to with either a Trump or Clinton quote that exemplifies why the candidate is “ toe-tally worthy” of winning the Footsie. “The first debate was filled with a treasure of potential winning statements”, said Wolpa. “ I am sure the follow up debates will not disappoint.”

“The “coveted Footsie”, Wolpa says tongue in cheek, “ is a life sized chocolate foot that will be sent to either Trump or Clinton with a congratulatory note along with instructions to open wide and insert the enclosed foot. I would love to find a way to have our mascot Tommy Toe-Rific deliver it in person.”

Wolpa said that he wants the contest to bring attention to the many fictional statements that have been uttered as fact, as well as for voters to realize that soon one of these individuals is going to be the next President of the United States and unless they want to see the same person who wins our Footsie Award become our 45th President, to make sure to” step up” and vote in November.

Toe-Rific Chocolates & Candy Company ( makes 15 unique foot shaped candies such as Mistle Toes, Happy Feet, and Twinkle Toes, that are used for gifts, promotional , and sales tools to “get one’s foot in the door”. Our products are truly unique and used by those who want to “stand out” from the crowd. One of our customers sent a chocolate foot to his girl friend with a note apologizing for “putting his foot” in his mouth, which gave us the idea of sponsoring a Trump-Clinton Foot in Mouth Award. After the election, we may decide to hold a monthly contest and open it up to all politicians and celebrities,” said Wolpa.

The winner of the Trump-Clinton Footsie will be announced on Halloween.